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Medical risk management and CME

Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) is a medical risk management company, which partners with leading professional liability carriers such as the Harvard Risk Management Foundation/CRICO to develop demonstrative evidence for use at malpractice trials and to provide online continuing medical education (CME) to health care providers to improve patient safety and risk management.

MedPharma Partners’ relationship with APS began in 2005. Initially we provided business development support and strategic advisory services to help the company negotiate or renegotiate agreements with content and distribution partners. As we helped the company gain traction we realized that the commercial potential of APS could be maximized by going beyond the bounds of a traditional consulting relationship.

In 2007, the MedPharma Partners team secured a round of growth financing for APS. Dennis Ferrill left MedPharma Partners to become CEO of APS, and David Williams became chairman of the board of directors while remaining at MedPharma Partners full time.

The company has entered an era of growth and prosperity characterized by national expansion and development of strategic partnerships with leading hospitals, liability carriers and universities.

MedPharma Partners helped APS transform itself into a high-growth company with a powerful business model. Their strategic insights, business development skills and organizational savvy have been invaluable.”
--John Harrington, Founder and Chief Mission Officer